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What Is Spring Clean-Up?

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the flowers are growing. Spring is finally here! The cold winter days are behind us and it’s time for the sunny spring weather to make its way through.

Spring cleaning is the time of year where we prepare our homes and yards for the warmer weather. It’s the time where we go through our closets, sheds, and gardens in order to make way for spring. Tidying up your landscape is a lot like tidying up your house. You have to dust off the old to prepare for the new.

As soon as the nice weather hits, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can on your patio in your backyard. So, to make sure you get the most out of the beautiful weather, it’s a good idea to get some spring cleaning done, both in the home and in the garden. This means not only tidying up the closets, but also the flower beds and gardens. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to prepare your property for the warmer summer season and get your landscape looking its best.

Five Spring Clean Up Services to Transform Your Property

Cleaning up your property for the spring and summer can seem like a daunting task. You may not even know where to begin. However, it is important to start preparing your land for spring as soon as possible. To help you out, here are some of the basic tasks that you need to consider when you start your spring clean up regime:
A great spring clean-up session will leave your grass, garden, and yard looking fresh and brand new! The summer season is right around the corner, which is why it’s best to start your spring clean-up now.
Leaf and Debris Cleanup

#1: Leaf and Debris Cleanup

Your property’s spring makeover begins with raking up the leaves and debris leftover from the fall and winter seasons. Throughout the year, your yard has been piling up dead leaves, old twigs, and other debris under the layers of snow that you need to rake up and remove before you can really start sprucing up your property. This first step is needed in order to prepare your property for a full spring clean-up. If your property is large and expansive, you may find that it’s a good call to hire a leaf and debris removal service to help you out with your spring cleanup. Raking the fall leaves from your landscape prepares your yard for the next steps and makes it easier to tend to it in the future, which is why it is the first step on the list.

#2: General Lawn Care and Maintenance

The next main step to clean up your property after the winter season is to start taking care of your green space. By the time spring arrives, your front and back yards are probably in desperate need of good mowing and some general maintenance. After you have cleaned up the old leaves and debris, you can mow the green space and lay some seeds. Laying seed is another great step you can take to transform your old, dead turf into glowing green grass beds. You may consider using a landscaping company to maintain your yard throughout the year after you have done the initial trim. Having nice green space throughout the summer season can make any property beautiful. For more advice on maintaining your lawn, check out some of our tips. Once you’ve finished caring for your green space, you can move on to step three!

Garden Preparation

#3: Garden Preparation

Winter can leave your garden looking like a plant cemetery that is in desperate need of some fresh mulch and flowers. This is why treating and preparing your garden beds is the next step in the spring clean-up process. The snow from the winter season has probably left your green space lifeless and dull. One way to ensure your beds back to life is to clean up the current soil and add some fresh plants and flowers. It will also be important to dig out any unwanted weeds and dead plants that could take up free space in your beds. Next, you can rake in some soil and mulch on top of your freshly planted seeds. Fresh soil and mulch not only improve the look of a garden bed, but can also help with the healthy growth of your plants. You may also want to use compost or fertilizer to make your soil soft and ready for plants to sprout in their new bed.

#4: Pest and Weed Control

After you’ve prepared your beds and mowed your grass, it’s time to start preparing your landscape for the rest of the spring season. Weeds can steal the nourishment and sunlight that your plants need to survive and clog up your plot. You would not want your freshly laid soil and mulch to go to waste with pesky weeds popping up and hurting the plants. Using a pre-emergent herbicide or other safe forms of weed control on your landscape can help you combat the various pests and weeds that can affect your property throughout the year. Spraying your green space with these herbicides is a preventative step that you can use to drastically improve the look of your turf.

#5: Shrub Pruning

The last step in the spring clean-up process is pruning your shrubs. Over the winter, your shrubs have grown a few inches and were not maintained. Pruning your shrubs is a lot like getting a trim at the hairdresser. It’s a finishing touch to your landscape makeover. Trimming your shrubs is one of the best ways to tidy up your property and have it looking its best. Not only does this pruning get rid of any dead leaves or wood, but it also helps add to your yard’s first impression. This final step can act as the finishing touches to your spring clean-up activities!

Next Steps

These five steps ensure you have a beautiful yard in no time. These steps start with the dead, fall leaves and finish with trimming back your shrubs and bushes. Your empty flower bed will no longer look worn down from the winter but will be sparkling with nourishing soil and much.

Lawn Bros in Oakville is a landscaping company that can assist you in tidying up your property from the fall and winter seasons and in maintaining it throughout the spring and summer. Our variety of lawn care duties and team of landscaping experts can get the job done in no time! Whether it’s tending to your garden beds or laying down mulch, Lawn Bros can transform and maintain your landscape throughout the seasons.

We provide assistance in:

All of these services can be done to make sure you get the most use out of your property during the warmer weather.
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