Oakville Sodding

Welcome to Lawn Bros, located in Oakville, Ontario, where we make your lawn look better than it’s ever looked before. Sod installation can be tricky, but with the help of our team of sodding and design specialists, we can get the job done right and bring your lawn back to life.

We carry only the highest quality of sod on the market for our customers in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, the rest of the Halton Region and surrounding areas for an affordable price that can’t be beaten. We’ve always remained dedicated to customer education and can answer any of your questions regarding sod installation, how to keep existing grass healthy, the best time of the year for successful rooting, and more.

What Is Sod?

Often referred to as turf, sod is grass that’s held together by roots or another thin piece of biodegradable material. It’s a much cheaper option than seeding and can help prevent erosion and improve air quality, draining issues, and cooling. There are different types of sod, from low maintenance to highly adaptable or drought-resistant sod.

It ultimately depends on each individual’s location, the type of property (residential or large commercial property), budget, and more. Laying sod should be done during the growing season and even into the fall as it rains more. Sod can take two to three weeks to properly root and should be watered daily, but we can worry about the irrigation schedule for you!

What Is Irrigation?

Irrigation systems refer to a supply of water for crops or sod growth, like sprinklers. After the sod installation process, it needs the proper amount of water to root itself which is why we offer regularly scheduled watering appointments or high-quality sprinkler installations from companies like Rain Bird and Hunter.

Whether you want a newly designed yard or are looking to replace your existing unhealthy grass, our team can assist you in many ways. Don’t worry about how you’re going to rip up your patio or unhealthy, patchy grass. Leave the hard work to us. We also have dedicated landscape design specialists who can recreate your lawn for you. From a new garden and patio design to deciding where to lay sod or place new outdoor lighting, contact us today to book a free design consultation or request a sodding estimate. We service both residential and commercial property owners.

Professional Sod Installation In Oakville

Sod is one of the quickest ways to bring the lawn of your dreams to life. It’s a quicker and cheaper process than seeding, especially if you have a larger commercial property in need of new grass.

With professional Lawn Bros sodding installation services, we take care of all the necessary steps for you, from existing grass removal to new sod installation, watering and high-quality irrigation installations. We’ll ensure your lawn is level, add only the highest quality of topsoil available for successful growth, and level it again once the sod has been laid.

Have a tight budget? Call us today for a free estimate whether you’re looking to install sod on a residential or commercial property and we’ll provide you with a fixed premium lawn care price you won’t be able to resist. We care about your lawn just as much as you do which is why we offer competitive pricing in Oakville and surrounding areas.

We gladly travel to certain areas outside of Oakville to assist property owners in improving the appearance of their lawn. And, since your price is fixed, we won’t charge you extra each time we return to water your sod.

Landscape Design Specialists

If you’re moving into a new home or want to revamp your existing lawn, our company specializes in landscape design. Whether you want a new deck or patio, driveway, walkway, garden or turf to increase curb appeal, we can take specific measures of your property to incorporate everything you’re looking for.

We offer free design consultations to discuss budgets, services and timeframes because we want our customers to be as happy with our services and their new lawn as possible. Have your own design idea? Great! Let us know and we’ll bring it to life for you. We also specialize in interlocking, building pergolas, and outdoor lighting installation.

The Benefits Of Sod

Not only is sod affordable, but it also provides homeowners and business owners immediate results. Though it requires an irrigation system, it still requires a lot less maintenance than seeding. It can easily be placed on hills or slopes and drastically improve air quality, flooding, and drainage issues. Our sodding experts here at Lawn Bros will ensure your sod is laid in a timely manner and that it remains healthy and roots properly. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to make your lawn in Oakville greener, healthier, and stronger.

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