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Spring Clean Up

Why a Spring Clean Up?

Rejuvenate Your Property

A Lawn Bros spring cleanup will rejuvonate your property after a long winter and give it the foundation it needs to look great all summer long.

Why does your Property need a Spring Cleanup?

Winters have a negative effect on landscapes. Trees shed their leaves and the delicate ones get smothered all together. Your once beautiful landscape is, therefore, left with a lot of debris and missing vegetation after a long winter and this has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Summer is also just around the corner and the perennials in your garden will not be able to take advantage of the sunlight if you don’t clean it up. At Lawn Bros, we offer professional Oakville spring clean-up services that will help your landscape recover from punishing winters.

Our experienced grounds crews offer professional Spring clean up services such as leaf and debris clean up, shrub trimming and pruning, garden weeding and edging and mulch installation. New mulch offers a fresh look while helping prevent weeds in the garden bed.   We customize our Spring clean up services to the specific needs of our clients to ensure that their landscape gets the personalized ground care that it needs.

Our award-winning team offers the best exterior landscape maintenance services that will leave your home looking its very best. Lawn Bros is here to make your property season-ready without you having to start a lawn mower or lift a rake.

Spring Clean-up Services

Here are some of the services offered as part of our spring cleanup exercise;

  • Leaf and Debris Clean Up    
  • Shrub Trimming and Pruning
  • Garden Weeding and Edging
  • Mulch and Soil Installation

A spring cleanup can be quite the endeavor for the weekend gardener, why not let the Lawn Bros handle it. This way you can ensure the job is done right and that your property will look great all summer long, not to mention the free time you will have to do all the things you love!

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Spring Clean Up

Debris Clean up and Shrub Trimming

Clean out garden beds of all leaves and debris and trim shrubs for a clean defined look.

Garden Weeding and Edging

Remove all weeds from gardens and give it a clean and well defined edge.

Mulch and soil Installation

Top up gardens beds with soil or refresh the look and prevent weeds with new mulch.

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