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Lawn Bros are your local sod & irrigation professionals. We proudly serve Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga. As a trusted, reliable lawn sprinkler company we take the hassle out of watering your lawn and garden saving you time and money.

Sod Installation In Oakville

Sod Installation In Oakville

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Is your lawn thin and patchy? Poorly graded? Overwhelmed with weeds? If so, a sod installation may be the best solution for your land. If we can fix these issues, then we can certainly fix your lawn and give your entire property much-improved curb appeal!

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Now, this is a lawn that you would be proud of and would feel confident in hosting guests on. Installing the proper soil and correcting the grade are vital factors in ensuring proper drainage for the long-term success and health of your lawn.

Sod Installation In Oakville

Irrigation Systems In Oakville

Protect your investment or enhance the lawn you already have with an irrigation system. A sprinkler system will ensure that your lawn is properly watered all season long. Proper watering will result in a healthier, thicker and greener lawn.   

Sod Installation Oakville

At Lawn Bros, we are proud to announce we have won The Reader’s Choice Award for best Property Maintenance Service for the 6th year in a row. Thank You Oakville and Burlington! We sure do love working hard to make our beloved communities more lush, beautiful, and liveable.

Before Sod Installation

Starting With a Blank Canvas

Lawn Bros will completely remove and properly dispose of your existing lawn. This is the first step in the sod installation process.   

Ensuring Proper Grade and Soil Conditions

Once your existing lawn has been successfully removed we install quality topsoil, then the surface is smoothed out and properly graded.

Laying the New Sod

Once your property has been well prepped, our team will lay the fresh and healthy sod, your new lawn will instantly come to life.


Once your sod installation is complete, a member of our team will discuss a good watering schedule with you to ensure the long-term success and health of your new lawn.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Planning & Design

Upon a site visit one of our irrigation professionals will design an irrigation system tailored to your properties needs and your wants.

Professional Installation

Our irrigation team will professionally install your irrigation system exactly to plan.

Maintenance & Service

We stand behind our work and offer year round continual service, ensuring proper openings and closures of your irrigation system.

Customer Education

We will teach you how your irrigation system works, how to operate the system, and educate you on water saving practices.

Greener Lawn

Yes, you will have a lush, green and healthy lawn all summer long.

What Are Some Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System?

Increase the value of your home

Having an attractive lawn and plants on your property does wonders for not only the curb appeal, but this key aesthetic element actually elevates your home’s sale value in the eyes of potential buyers. When buyers take over a home and property, they want something that is functional and easy to maintain right from the beginning – having an irrigation system in place ensures that goal by making the yard much more self-sufficient.

Automated sprinkler systems make everything easier

The great aspects of these are that you can set up a weekly schedule and don’t have to worry about over or under watering, you can use just enough water to optimize the amount, which saves on water and money. This can all happen whether you’re home or not. Never come back from a summer vacation again to find your lawn yellow or brown in colour and plants wilted or dead.

Maintain your soil’s nutrient balance

It’s hard to determine how long water should stay on when watering grass, and most of us tend to over water which results in flushing away valuable nutrients that all plants need to survive and thrive. The positive aspect of being able to control the distribution of water is that you can maintain all forms of consistency with each and every watering, in-turn the daily results are visually positive.

You’ve got the power

Controlling the amount of water that is distributed is a major advantage with modern irrigation systems, but you can also choose where the fluids go and whether each part of your landscape is best equipped for spraying, sprinkling, or dripping. You have complete control like never before – leaving your lawn, flower beds, or vegetable patches all in prime condition no matter what mother nature may bring on any given day.

Prevent weeds

The thing about pesky weeds is that they tend to sprout up in areas where there’s room and opportunity to grow roots and get sunshine. When your grass is well watered and is growing thick, there’s less space and sunshine available for weeds to pop up at the soil level.

The Ball Is In Your Court Now

With all of this information, it’s now on you to make the call to us so that we can come to access your property and determine how it can benefit from a sod irrigation Oakville system. We will send out one of our irrigation specialists who will evaluate and communicate what type of system would be ideal at your place. Contact us now, we look forward to hearing from you and helping to make your lawn live up to its full potential!  

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