Spring Yard Clean-Up in Oakville

Finally! It’s spring! Time for warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and… not so exciting spring cleaning.
That’s why our company exists: to help homeowners and business owners like you prepare your lawn for another luscious, healthy year.

Why Spring Cleaning Is Important

After the winter, your lawn may look a bit… gloomy. That’s because it is. Your lawn is having trouble breathing from debris and growing, so it’s time to get rid of those fall leaves that got packed down with snow, reshape the garden beds, and care for those shrubs and hedges that had to hold heavy snow for a few months. When you hire a trusted and professional lawn maintenance service, like Lawn Bros, we do all the pruning and trimming of hedges, shaping gardens, improving turf, and cleaning walkways and patios for you. We can schedule regular lawn maintenance services from May to October with a fixed premium price that can’t be beaten. Our spring cleaning services are affordable, necessary, and guaranteed to satisfy homeowners and business owners alike.

One-Stop-Shop For All Landscapes In Oakville

We don’t just clean up all that messy debris like leaves from last fall or dirt and sand that’s blown everywhere. We completely look after your yard including trimming of any hedges and shrubs, mulching, shaping gardens, planting or reseeding, fertilizing, and more. Stop trying to tackle everything yourself. Yard work can be back-breaking work. That’s why you need professional landscapers to help you maintain the appearance and healthiness of your gardens, grass, trees, and patio. We can get your yard to bounce back to its original state in no time, regardless of its size.

Only The Highest Quality Of Garden Materials

After the spring cleanup and debris removal are complete, we can provide you with high-quality and long-lasting plants, mulch, and soil. Here at Lawn Bros, we only want what’s best for your yard, especially after a harsh winter. You can ensure the job will be done right and in a timely manner. We can also schedule regular maintenance appointments from May to October so your yard looks amazing all year round! Need winter snow removal services? Luckily for you, we specialize in that too! We service Oakville and surrounding areas, including Milton, Burlington, the Halton Region, and more. Call us today to ask about our spring cleanup services and request a free quote!

Fall Cleanup Services In Oakville

We don’t just clean your property in the spring. We want to ensure your property healthy and tidy for the upcoming winter season which is why we offer professional fall cleanup care including raking and composting leaves, getting rid of weeds, trimming shrubs or trees, covering plants and hedges if necessary, and much more.

Debris Cleanup & Shrub Trimming

We’ll clean out those garden beds full of fall leaves and trim your shrubs for a more defined look.


Garden Weeding & Edging

Allow us to remove all weeds from your gardens and edge them for a fresh, clean look!


Mulch & Soil Installation

We’ll finish off your gardens with top-quality soil and mulch for a refreshed look and to prevent weed growth.

We can help you achieve your landcaping needs.

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