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Landscape lighting is a very important element to any landscape for many reasons. It can improve safety while adding a whole new level of beauty to your home. Lighting up a front entrance way, back patio or gardens will give your landscape a more complete look.

Inquire today and we can schedule an on site visit where we will survey your property and ask you what you want to achieve as an end result while offering some suggestions based on our expertise. We can work together to determine your landscape lighting plan, as well as deciding on focal points to light up within the landscape such as a large tree or unique architecture on your home.

Not a visual person? don’t worry! A member of our team will gladly meet with you in the evening to show you what the various elements of your landscape lighting plan will look like prior to installation. 

We install only top quality lighting fixtures that are made to last. There are many different styles available to suit your personal preference. While onsite we will have both print and digital media available for multiple quality brands to show you what is available.

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